Gas Furnance

How Dual Comfort Works……

  1. Two heat exchangers
  2. Integrated two-stage control board
  3. Two-stage gas valve
  4. A permanent washable filter

Two heat exhangers – a primary and a secondary extract more heat from the burners than any less efficient furnace. So you save on energy because you get more heating output from each ounce of natural gas.

Integrated two-stage control board – The control board directs activities of the gas valve and blower to efficiently keep your home at its comfortable best.

Two-stage gas valve – This valve adjusts the flow of gas to the burner, providing “low heat” and “high heat” as needed for maximum fuel efficiency.

Permanent Washable Filter – This washable filter makes it easy to keep a clean filter in your unit in place. No more filters to buy or store. A clean filter helps your furnace run more efficiently and can improve the indoor air quality of your home.

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